It is no secret that Indonesia is HUGE! I mean 17,000 islands huge. After 3 years spent travelling around the country my list of places to visit just got longer. There are so many places that I’ve never been to and can’t wait to visit.

Oh btw, If you haven’t realised, I am travelling for at least one year outside the country-and currently in Sri Lanka. I met many travellers, mostly westerners who are planning to visit Indonesia. One question that I’m often asked is, “what is your favourite beach in Indonesia?”

It always took me a while to answer. So since there are so many beaches I’ve still got left to explore I asked some for help. These frequent Indonesian travellers and bloggers shared their favourite beach in the country! 🙂 Some of them are super-intense on visiting beaches in Indonesia so for sure you’ll get good suggestions here. Let’s start shall we?

Klayar Beach

Where: Kalak Village, Pacitan, East Java

Klayar Beach is very unique. The beach has white sand with lots of rocks around the beach. A lot of people say that one of the rocks looks like the Sphinx. The beach is also has a natural phenomena called ‘Seruling Samudera.’ This is caused by the seawater comes crashing into a gully and gushes upward. When it does this it makes a sound similar to the sound of a flute.

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PANTAI KLAYAR Pernah dengar nama kota Pacitan di Jawa Timur. Mendapat julukan kota seribu Goa yang memang salah satu unggulan wisata nya adalah Goa Gong. Tapi selain itu kota ini mempunyai banyak pantai yang sangat menarik buat dikunjungi. Salah satu pantai yang sangat terkenal di Pacitan adalah Pantai Klayar. Pantai dengan pasir putih ini memang mempunyai beberapa keunikan yang tidak dimiliki oleh pantai lain di Indonesia. Buat yang belum pernah ke sini, ayo buktikan sendiri. Seruling Samudera, bisa kalian saksikan di Pantai Klayar di mana ombak memecah karang dan airnya keluar dr sela sela lobang kecil dari karang yg besar dan saat air menyembur ke atas kita akan memdengar bunyi mirip seruling. Jajaran karang besar mengelilingi pantai berbentuk seperti patung Sphinx. Jadi pengen kesana? Yukkkk #exploreindonesia #kopertraveler #thehottest #blogger #travelblogger #travelreviewer #travelwriter #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #kaleidoscope #2016 #exploreindonesia #banggaindonesia #bestpartofindonesia #wonderfulindonesia #pesonaindonesia #indonesiakeren #describeindonesia #ayojalan #beautifulindonesia #pantaiklayar #pacitan #explorepacitan #jawatimur #indonesia

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Things to do near the beach and tips:

You can easily combine a visit to Klayar Beach with other beaches nearby, such as: Banyu Tibo Beach, Teleng Ria Beach and Srau Beach. You can also visit the famous cave in Pacitan, Goa Gong.

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Tarimbang Beach

Where: East Sumba

It takes 3-4 hours drive from Waingapu to Tarimbang Beach by car or motorcycle. The pristine white sandy beach is famous for its cliffs and the perfect waves where you can swim and surf. It’s also a very tranquil spot. For all these reasons Tarimbang is my favorite beach in Indonesia. I could hang my hammock all day long here and just to enjoy the scenery.

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Tarimbang become my mooooosssttttt favorite beach in Sumba 😍😍🌞🌞 . And I feel supeerrrrr today for riding motorcycle from Waingapu – Tarimbang – Waingapu for around 9 hours. But when @tmrguk and I arrived, we realize that the longggg journey was totally worth it. Naik motor 9 jam itu bikin pantatmu berasa nggak ada 😂 Meski jalanan rusak, kami tetap bahagia karena pemandangan sepanjang jalanan Sumba cantiknya luar biasa ❤️ Apalagi di pantai cuma ada kami berdua. Berasa pantai pribadi jadinya 😂 Bawa bekal sendiri, makan di tepi pantai dan tentu gak lupa bawa sampahnya pulang 😉 Special thanks buat @agushong yang berbaik hati pinjemin hammock karena hammock eke hilang di Labuan Bajo 😂 . Selamat berbuka puasa teman-teman. Salam sayang dari #Sumba 😘 #Tarimbang #EastSumba #ExploreSumba #HumbaAilulu #PesonaIndonesia #SatyaKelilingIndonesia

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Things to do near the beach and tips:

The best season to visit Tarimbang Beach is March to October. It’s also the best season for surfing so accommodation around Tarimbang Beach is limited during this period. If you’re visiting the beach you can visit Laputi Waterfall. It’s a two-hour drive from Tarimbang Beach.

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Tinabo Beach

Where: Takabonerate National Park, Sulawesi

I fell in love with the white sands of Tinabo Beach and the privacy that the beach provided. The beach is on Tinabo Island in the Takabonerate National Park. It’s 15-18 hours by road from Makassar, Sulawesi. The long journey to reach the beach is all worth it.

Besides the beautiful white sand and clear water, you can also find dozens of baby sharks by the shore. We could literally swim with lots of sharks by the beach! Truly amazing!

Things to do near the beach and tips:

Explore Tinabo Island! There are only 3 houses on the islands for the National Park rangers and a homestay for guests. Expect limited facilities, but you’ll be rewarded with the beautiful corals and marine biodiversity (Takabonerate is part of the third largest atoll in the world).

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Biduk Biduk Beach

Where: East Kalimantan

I love this beach because of its location. It’s in a remote part of Indonesia and there are only a few tourists that come here. That being said, Biduk-biduk Beach is my kind of perfect beach. It has white sands, crystal clear water and no big waves. I can lie down and chill by the beach under the coconut trees. It’s an experience I know I’ll share with just a few people.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

The beach is only 10 minutes away from an amazing place called Labuan Cermin (Mirror lake). You can swim in the two-flavored lake. It’s freshwater on the surface, and salt water two meter below the water.

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Bingin Beach

Where: Pecatu, South Bali

Bali has many pristine popular beaches like Pandawa, Padang-padang, Suluban, Balangan etc., but Bingin has a special place in my heart. It’s warm and welcoming with several down-to-earth warung and a perfect down to earth atmosphere. You won’t find any fancy warung here, just simple warungs that suits your beach-mood.

You need to trek for 20-25 minutes to reach the beach. You will find some hostel in Bingin, pretty nice if you’re planning to stay for a few days (or week!) around the beach.

Bingin is also special because you can meet Bima, the Bingin Beach Dog. It’s a selebgram-dog: @bima_bingin_beach_dog. Seeing him at the beach feels like meeting a friend. No doubt, Bima is Bingin’s mascot.
Things to do near the beach and tips:

After spending time in Bingin, you can go down to Jl. Uluwatu Raya II to have a great seafood dining experience in my fave warung: Ikan Bakar Mami by Pak Putu. It’s a simple warung with only 4-5 tables but serves the best seafood in the island. Or, you can go to Uluwatu Temple. It’s only 10 minutes drive away. You can see the theatrical Kecak Dance right at the Uluwatu Cliff. The dance and the sunset view make for a perfect combination.

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Huluwa Beach

Where: Wakasihu, Ambon

You can visit Huluwa Beach is unique. You can visit the beach in any season and on top of that it has a lagoon. You can swim here and it feels like your own private natural swimming pool. Besides the mini lagoon, the other unique thing about this beach is the Bonsai Trees. You can see them on the rocks surrounding the beach. It’s said that these bonsai trees are decades, or even hundreds of years.

This beach is not famous, at least for now. Even local tourists in Ambon don’t talk about it. The management of the area said that there was a researcher from Japan who visited the area just because he was curious about the bonsai trees.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

Huluwa Beach is a 1-hour drive from the city center of Ambon. There is nothing close to the beach. Huluwa Beach is a great place to visit for a day trip.

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Banos Beach

Where: Misool, Raja Ampat

Banos is a small island in Misool, Raja Ampat. Charming white sandy beaches surround this island. Banos Beach is a beautiful beach surrounded by karst rocks. The best time to visit the beach is unset and sunrise.

Because it is located quite far away from the capital of Raja Ampat, Banos requires extra effort to reach. It’s a 9-10 hours by boat from Sorong to Yellu Village. From there you can take a fishing boat for 2 hours to Banos. It’s worth the journey. The beach is beyond beautiful.
Things to do near the beach and tips:

Best time to go here is January-March or October-November, because the sea is calmer. Not so far way from the beach, you can find the Dafalen Love Peak, Harfat Peak and some other interesting spots.

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Tanjung Gelam Beach

Where: Karimunjawa, Central Java

Tanjung Gelam is on the picturesque island of Karimunjawa, just off the north coast of Central Java. The beach is a clean stretch of pristine white sand with stunning bright turquoise water lapping at its edge. Behind the beach are a bunch of palm trees, which provide a bit of shade and a few coconuts that locals can climb up and get for you if you fancy a drink.

When we were there, it was deserted. We’ve heard that it can get busy during the holiday. It’s one of our favourite beaches in Indonesia, because it’s remote, not crowded and the water is so clear. Sensational.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

The best way to visit Tanjung Gelam is renting your own motorbike and snorkelling gear in town. The beach is about 5km from most of the guesthouses in the main town of Karimunjawa. After you’ve visited it, you can head further around the island and check out all the other deserted beaches as well a mangrove boardwalk. Allow a full day to visit all the main places on the island including swimming time at Tanjung Gelam.

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Tanjung Aan Beach

Where: Lombok

Tanjung Aan Beach is in the south of Lombok. It is an hour and a half from Mataram. Tanjung Aan is definitely one of the best beaches in Lombok. The atmosphere is quiet and the water is clear with several shades of blue. The beach is one of the longest in Lombok.

The sand of the beach is unique. It’s gentle and smooth. Some of the grains of sand look just like pepper. It’s the perfect beach if you’re looking for somewhere tranquil. A place where you can lie down and be spoiled by the view.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

Bukit Merese. Don’t be surprised if you spot a couple doing a pre-wedding photo-shoot here. The view from the top of the hill is magical, especially at sunset. Also visit Ashtari restaurant, 30 minutes ride from Tanjung Aan Beach. The place and the view are Instagram material!

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Beloam Beach

Where: Located in front of Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp, Lombok

Beloam Beach is a private beach in front of Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp. The resort guests are the only ones allowed to visit the beach. There are only a few bungalows at the resort, so few visitors. What else you can ask rather than the white sandy beach with clear blue water for yourself. The pounding sound of the waves is very calming and you can enjoy it 24 hours a day.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

You can enjoy the beach from the terrace of the bungalows, from the day bed by the beach or while you’re playing in the water. There is no specific time to enjoy the beach; you can enjoy it anytime you wanted. Besides being a beach bum, you can be active and trek to a small hill on the right side of the resort. You get a pretty 360 panoramic view of the resort, Beloam Beach and the surrounding.

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Atuh Beach

Where: Nusa Penida, Bali

45 minutes sailing from Bali is Nusa Penida, an island largely untouched by tourism. The beach at East Nusa Penida made me fall in love with the island. While the west side of the island is starting to get popular on instagram, the east side hides lots of beautiful landscape.

The beach that I loved the most is Atuh Beach. I love Atuh Beach because of the landscape, the quiet atmosphere, and also the hidden high heel rock. It’s the complete package, a real adventure in tropical paradise. If you love trekking you will discover the beach and the hidden high heel rock. You can relax and enjoy the beach with the serene atmosphere.

Things to do near the beach and tips:

The best time to explore Atuh Beach is in early morning, around 8 AM from Toya Pakeh (central) area. There are lots of things to stop and admire, so it will take a whole day to enjoy every spot. A few of the highlights: Thousand Island, Tree House, the Hidden High Heel Rock.

There are some other destinations around Atuh Beach that you can stop at as well. For example Suwehan Beach with Volcom Rock (30 minutes driving from Atuh and 45 minutes hard level trekking) and Teletubbies Hill (40 minutes from Atuh without trekking).

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Bonus Beach

So that’s it, a list of 11 beautiful beaches in Indonesia to inspire your travels in 2017. Let’s make it to 12 beaches, one more (bonus) recommendation from me.

My favourite beach so far is Crystal Beach in Nusa Penida (so I double on Pino’s suggestion for Nusa Penida! It should be on your list). The best thing about Crystal Beach is it is easy to access, compared to the rest of the beaches on the island. Crystal Beach-the name says it all, has crystal clear water. It is a perfect place to snorkel, to surf, to chill and just completely relax being a beach bum.

Do you have any suggestions on best beaches in Indonesia? Share your favorite beach in the comments below.