The Jogja Dieng Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the highlands of Wonosobo. Starting early in the morning you hike to the top of Sikunir Hill to watch the sunrise over the valley below with the silhouette of Sumbing Volcano in the distance. After watching sunrise you are driven to Batu Pandang viewpoint where you can see Telaga Warna Lake (the lake is turquoise). Arriving just after sunrise you are just in time to watch the mist rolling over the lake. The tour of Dieng plateau ends with a visit to the bubbling Sikidang Sulphur Crater and the ancient Arjuna Temple.

The highlands of Dieng are a three-hour drive outside of Yogyakarta. The Jogja Dieng tour starts at 1 am when you are picked up in a private car by your driver. You will be back in Yogyakarta by 1 pm. Price is based on a private car rental for up to 4 passengers. Review the table below for more information about the Jogja Dieng Tour before making a booking.

– Pick up from hotel at 01:00 am.
– Arrive in Dieng at 04:00 am.
– Climb to the top of Sikunir hill for sunrise.
– Visit Batu Pandang Viewpoint to see Telaga Warna Lake.
– Visit Sikidang Sulphur Crater.
– Visit Arjuna Hindu Temple Complex.
– Return to Yogyakarta by 13:00 pm.
Tour Includes
– 12 hour car rental.
– English speaking driver.
– Gasoline.
– If you would like the parking fees to be included, it is additional Rp 15,000.
Tour Excludes
– Tickets to tourist destinations in Dieng. Example: Batu Pandang viewpoint, Sikidang Crater Arjuna Temple, Telaga Warna lake, etc.
– Breakfast, lunch and additional snacks.
We Advise Bringing:
– A torch or headlamp for climbing Sikunir Hill.
– Warm coat and maybe gloves for sunrise.
– A sunhat for Sikidang crater and Arjuna Temple.

You’ll Always Remember

  • Sunrise over the picturesque highlands of Java.
  • Mist rolling off Telaga Warna Lake in the early morning.
  • The rumbling Sikidang Sulphur Crate and Arjuna Temple.


What to Expect

It’s a 3 hour drive from Yogyakarta to Dieng, which is in the highlands of Wonosobo, by private car. You arrive at the car park at the bottom Sikunir Hill at 4 am. It’s a 30 minute climb to the top of Sikunir Hill. There are no lights, so you will need to use your torch as you climb. The path is easy to follow and you will meet other groups of tourists hiking to the top of the hill. It’s a tiring climb. Make sure to position yourself near the edge of the hill overlooking the valley for the best view of sunrise.geneci-testimonial

After watching the sunrise you retrace your route back to the car park at the bottom of Sikunir Hill. The view as you climb down the hill are picturesque and you will feel refreshed by the time you reach the car park. From Sikunir Hill you will be driven to Batu Pandang viewpoint. From the car park it’s an easy 10 minute climb through rice fields and along a muddy path to Batu Pandang Viewpoint.

From Batu Pandang you have a spectacular view over the valley and Telaga Warna Lake. When the mist has risen from Telaga Warna Lake you can visit Sikidang Sulphur crater. The final destination for the day is Arjuna Temple, a Hindu temple complex that dates back to the 7th century. Then it’s  back to the car for the drive back to Yogyakarta.

The Jogja Dieng Tour offers you the chance to visit the highlands of Java, watch sunrise over Sikunir Hill and the mists rise from Telaga Warna Lake. To book the Jogja Dieng Tour fill in the form below.


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