Prambanan USD 25 (foreigner adult) USD 15 (foreigner kid/student with valid student ID) Rp50,000 (Indonesian)
Ratu Boko Palace USD 25 (foreigner adult) USD 15 (3-10 yo) Rp40,000 (Indonesian adult) Rp20,000 (Indonesian 3-10 yo)
Sambisari Rp10,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Kalasan Rp10,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Plaosan USD 5 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian)
Candi Ijo Rp10,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Sojiwan USD 5 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian)
Pawon Rp3,500 (foreigner) Rp2,000 (Indonesian)
Mendut Rp3,500 (foreigner) Rp2,000 (Indonesian)

MGM (Museum Gunung Merapi) Rp10,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Museum Ullen Sentalu Rp100,000 (foreigner adult) Rp60,000 (foreigner 5-12 yo) Rp40,000 (Indonesian adult) Rp20,000 (Indonesian 5-12 yo)

Royal Palace Area:
Kraton Yogya Museum Rp15,000 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian)
Taman Sari Water Castle Rp15,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Leather Puppet Show/Wayang Sonobudoyo Rp20,000
Sonobudoyo Museum Rp5000 (foreigner) Rp3,000 (Indonesian)

Parangtritis Beach Rp15,000 (foreigner) Rp3,000 (Indonesian)
Baron, Krakal, Kukup (per beach) Rp10,000
Drini Beach Rp10,000
Indrayanti Beach Rp10,000
Nglambor Beach Rp10,000
Syawal Beach Rp10,000
Pok Tunggal Beach Rp10,000
Motorbike Taxi to Timang Beach Rp50,000-Rp75,000
Jeep in Timang Rp350,000
Gondola Timang Rp200,000 (foreigner) Rp150,000 (Indonesian)
Timang Beach Hanging Bridge Rp150,000 (foreigner) Rp100,000 (Indonesian)
Sinden Beach Rp10,000 (foreigner) Rp6,000 (Indonesian)
Suspension Bridge Kalong Island Rp25,000

Nature (outside the beaches):
Sri Gethuk Waterfall Rp35,000 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian)
Gua Pindul Retribution Rp10,000
Cave Tubing Pindul Rp100,000 (foreigner) Rp50,000 (Indonesian)
River Tubing Oyo Rp100,000 (foreigner) Rp65,000 (Indonesian)
Cave Tubing & Oyo River Package Rp180,000 (foreigner) Rp80,000 (Indonesian)
Kebun Buah Mangunan/Mangunan Fruit Garden Rp5,000
Hutan Pinus Mangunan Rp2,500
Pinus Pengger Rp2,500
Bukit Panguk Kediwung Rp2,500
Pinus Asri Rp2,500
Jurang Tembelan Rp2,500
Becici Peak Rp2,500
Kalibiru Rp30,000 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian weekend) Rp5,000 (Indonesian weekday)
Gunung Nglanggeran Rp30,000 (foreigner) Rp15,000 (Indonesian day) Rp20,000 (Indonesian night)
Embung Nglanggeran Rp30,000 (foreigner) Rp15,000 (Indonesian day) Rp20,000 (Indonesian night)
Kedung Pedut Rp20,000 (foreigner) Rp10,000 (Indonesian)
Luweng Sampang Rp15,000 (allocated for parking fees. Activities need to pay per spot)
Parangkusumo/Sand dunes Rp20,000 (foreigner) Rp5,000 (Indonesian)
Board rental for sandboarding Rp150,000-Rp200,000 per board

Borobudur/Magelang Area:
Borobudur USD 25 (foreigner adult) USD 15 (foreigner kid/student with valid student ID)
Borobudur Sunrise via Manohara Rp500,000 (foreigner adult) Rp400,000 (foreigner student) Rp250,000 (foreigner children 6-10yo) Rp370,000 (local adult) Rp280,000 (local student) Rp185,000 (local children 6-10yo)
Barede Hill Rp50,000 (foreigner) Rp15,000 (Indonesian)
Setumbu Hill Rp50,000 (foreigner) Rp15,000 (Indonesian)
Chicken Church + jeep (pp) Rp30,000 (foreigner) Rp15,000 (Indonesian)
Kedung Kandang probably Rp150,000 follow the entrance to Merapi National Park

*Prices may change without prior notice
*We collect this information based on our own visit and online data