If you’re a creative person then this traditional Jogja batik workshop will really interest you. The batik workshop is held in a small village 15 minutes outside of Yogyakarta. You are picked The workshop lasts two hours. At the start of the workshop you learn about the history of Batik production, traditional batik design and finally production methods. After learning how batik is produced you will have an hour to create your own design on a piece of fabric (I promise it’s a lot harder than it looks, but it’s also a lot of fun). The Batik class is managed by an English speaking teacher. Tea and coffee are provided during the class.

The Batik workshop lasts two hours. A minimum of two participants are needed for the class. You can arrange a workshop at any time of the day. We recommend early in the morning, but the afternoon is also fine. Review the table below for more information about the Batik Workshop before making a booking.

– Pick up from hotel (if in pickup zone).
– Arrive in Tembi village.
– Learn about Batik design and how it is produced.
– Create your own piece of Batik.
– Drop off at your hotel (if in pickup zone).
Tour Includes
– Transport to and from the class.
– English speaking instructor to guide you through the class.
– Tools and fabric to create batik.
– Free cups of tea and coffee during the lesson.
Tour Excludes
– Any additional snacks.
Tour Combines Well With:


  • Village life in a small Javanese village in the heart of the countryside.
  • Learn about the history of Batik and meet people who create the beautiful fabrics.
  • The frustration and satisfaction of creating your own piece of batik.

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What to Expect

The workshop is held in the village of Tembeh, which is 15 minutes outside of Yogyakarta. When you arrive you will be greeted by the batik teacher and offered a cup of tea or coffee. The Batik workshop starts with a brief history of batik and the symbolism of the images used in the design. This is a hands on event and examples of batik cloth are used to illustrate the different points.gen-testimonial

After learning about the history of batik you are shown how batik is produced. The teacher takes you through the whole production cycle from drawing the initial design, applying the wax to fabric and finally process of dying and then drying the fabric. Once you have seen how batik is produced you finally get a chance to create your own piece of batik. This is the hardest and most fun part of the workshop.

The first stage is creating a design on tracing paper. Once you have a design you apply the wax to the fabric. Then you let the wax dry out, before finally applying the dye to your piece of fabric. The whole process takes up to 90-minutes. At the end of the batik workshop you will be given the piece of batik that you created. It’s a nice momento of the workshop. At the end of the tour you are dropped off back at your hotel in Yogyakarta.

The Yogyakarta batik workshop is a chance to experience the countryside of Java and learn about batik. During the workshop you will learn about the history of batik design and batik production, then you will have a chance to make your own piece of batik. This is a two hour package and everything is included in the price. To book the Jogja Batik Workshop fill in the form below.

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