Hey there!
Thanks for your interest in my Batik Pottery. 🙂
At the moment I’m doing a small batch release. All of the cups are handmade and unique. There might be some differences in dimension and color.

You can find the pieces that I am selling listed at the end of the article. Before I show you the product, let me share a few stories behind the Batik Pottery.

Why pottery, Firsta?

Okayyy… It’s partly because of the pandemic. I’ve been wanting to do pottery lessons for a while and with the pandemic I’m (aren’t we all?) being forced to stay in one place—I can’t travel as much as before. So I’m making the most of this opportunity. I’m doing a lot of pottery workshops.

The first class was a birthday present from my husband (I asked for it haha!).

Then I got a bit into it. I started to visit the pottery studio every week. I went to Klaten to see Puteran Miring, and I had discussions about pottery. I guess I like pottery. I love the experiments, I love and hate the imperfection—mainly because it is caused by things that we can’t control.

On top of that, I’ve been wanting to develop Discover Your Indonesia store, selling curated Indonesian souvenirs. This Batik pottery is the start.

And why Batik?

I’ve been working with a community-based studio in Tembi running Batik course, cycling tour, and cooking class. All of the activities stopped due to the pandemic. I love Batik and would like to help (even it is a small help, and hopefully it grows!) them grow their business. I also like to have creative discussions with people who run the place.

Did you make all the cups by yourself?

No. Consider me as the architect. I decided the dimension, the designs, the colors, and I’m tightly involved in the production process. The boys at the ceramic studio and all the girls (and 3 cute boys) at the batik studio are the people who make the pottery and add batik designs. The cups are made with love from all of us in Yogyakarta.

Can I preorder/customise?

Yes! Thousands times yes. My team and I actually like it more to work on pieces that will for sure go to someone’s hands.

Please allow 3-4 weeks time completion. We require a 50% deposit to start the work, and 50% more when we are about to ship the final work. However, if you would like to pay 100% from the start then it’s fine too. Fill the form below and choose PO.

First batch release:

Cappuccino cup Rp160,000 per cup

Diameter: 10cm; Height: 5cm; Volume: 120ml

Espresso cup Rp105,000 per cup

Diameter: 5,5cm, Height: 4,5cm, Volume: 60ml

Per Batik Design

TRUNTUM (Truntum Espresso Cup Cobalt Blue, Truntum Espresso Cup Blue, Truntum Cappuccino Cup Black)
TLC/TRUNTUM LATAR CECEK (TLC Cappuccino Cup Cobalt Blue, TLC Cappuccino Cup Lime Green on White)
PARANG (Parang Kipas Cappuccino Cup Black, Parang Klitik Cappuccino Cup Blue, Parang Espresso Cup Lime Green, Parang Kipas Cappuccino Cup Blue)
VARIOUS DESIGNS (Bunga Espresso Cup Lime Green, Wajik Ukel Espresso Cup Cobalt Blue, Bunga Espresso Cup Light Grey, Bunga Espresso Cup Dark Red)
KAWUNG CEPLOK (Kawung Ceplok Cappuccino Cup Cobalt Blue)
GEDEG (Gedeg Cappuccino Cup Blue on Blue; Gedeg Espresso Cup Black; Gedeg Cappuccino Cup Light Grey)

Note: Shipping cost is not included.

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