Hi there, hello and welcome! We were wondering when you would arrive, but now you’re here, which is great! We’ve been preparing for your holiday for the last three years making sure everything would be perfect for you. Our friendly drivers are sitting in their cars ready to show you the sites and we’ve got reliable local partners on the ground who run affordable shared tours.

So now you’re here all you’ve got to do is pick your destination. It shouldn’t be hard. Just choose the region you want to explore, review the itinerary and check out the price (we offer Indonesia tours all over the country). We’re happy to personalise your itinerary if you need.

Indonesia Tours

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Yogyakarta Tours: Packages and Day Trips

Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia (and there’s a lot to do in the region). Visit our Yogya tours page for shared and private tours to sites like Borobudur and Goa Jomblang as well as a host of ready made travel itineraries.

West Java Tours: Packages and Day Trips

West Java is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but there’s plenty of places to visit if you have time to explore the region. Some of the highlights include the Thousand Islands, just off the coast of Jakarta, and the Ujung Kulon National Park. Find out more on our West Java and Jakarta Tours page.

Lombok Tours: Packages and Day Trips

Lombok is the relaxed half-brother of Bali. There are plenty of beautiful beaches, nice coastal walks and the looming Rinjani Volcano to conquer. We’ve partnered with a local agent to offer you a range of day trips and itineraries that you can do on your upcoming holiday.

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East Java Tours: Packages and Day Trips

If you enjoy nature, you’ll fall in love with East Java. From the blue fires of Ijen through to sunrise over Mount Bromo and the enchanting Meru Betiri National Park, there is a lot to see in East Java. Explore the highlights of the region on a private East Java tour.

Flores Tours: Packages and Sailing Trips

Flores is one of the up and coming tourist destinations in Indonesia. While you’ll certainly want to visit Komodo and see the dragons, there are plenty of interesting things to do around the island.  Visit our Flores tours page for shared and private tours to sites like Wae Rebo, Kelimutu and of course Komodo.

Bali Tours: Activities and Day Trips

The Island of the Gods is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia (and there’s a lot to do on the island). Visit our Bali tours page for shared and private tours for white water rafting, trekking and other outdoor activities. We also have a range of ready to use itineraries for day trips.