Last minute booking: If you want to do the program tomorrow and it is after 3 pm we can’t help. Please make other travel arrangements! I’m sure you will find someone to take you.

Sorry to scare you like that…

That message was just for people booking last minute 🙂 What I meant to say is, thanks for ordering through Discover Your Indonesia. Your email is flying through cyberspace and will arrive in our inbox shortly. We’ve sent you an automated response about the program. By the time you’ve finished reading this it will be in your inbox.

Sometimes the automated email we send you will look a bit funny. If that happened to you we’re sorry. It’s an issue with the auto-responder. Our computer technician explained the problem, but our eyes glazed over. Then he told us it was the electronic fairies. This makes sense. We’re working on removing them from our computers.

Here’s what’s going to happen next:

Within the next 24 hours (our average response time on weekdays is within 5 hours) one of our team will send you an email confirming the tour.

Once we’ve answered your questions we are ready to secure your order. For most of the programs (not all), to do this we ask for a 40% deposit. I’ll cover the payment terms via email. Two days before the tour we’ll give you the name and phone number of your driver. You’ll pay the outstanding 60% balance to the driver in cash at the start of the tour. That’s it.

Super simple. Speak to you soon!