Bali will always have a special place in my heart. The island was where I first learned how to dive. Since my first dives in Bali I have had the opportunity to travel and dive all around Indonesia. Even after so many dives I still feel there is something special about adventure scuba diving in Bali.To help you have a great holiday in Bali I’ve partnered up with a PADI and SSI certified local company to offer you the chance to dive around some of the best Bali dive sites.

Diving Sulawesi Indonesia

PADI & SSI Scuba Courses

South East Asia is a popular place to do PADI and SSI courses. The certification is cheaper than in Europe, Australia or North America, the instructors just as qualified and the reef filled oceans ensure there are a lot to see. All levels of dive certification are available. They even cater to first time divers with the discover scuba dive. It’s the perfect addition to your Bali holiday. For more information about dive courses visit this page or fill in the booking form by pressing on the button below.

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Amed Diving

Amed is located on the East coast of Bali and is famous for its black sandy beaches. There are five main dive sites along this section of the coast. The most famous is the underwater coral gardens, though there is also a Japanese wreck that you can dive here. Amed is especially famous for its macro aquatic life, which makes it popular with underwater photographers.

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tulamben diving bali

Tulamben Diving

There are a total of five dive sites in Tulamben. The most famous site is the wreck of the USS Liberty, which is one of the best wreck dives in South East Asia. The wreck is over 130 meters long and sits on the seabed just off the coast. Other highlights when scuba diving in Tulamben include reef dives and great coral walls.

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Padang Bai Diving

Padang Bai is located on the East coast of Bali and is another popular area for divers of all levels. There are four dive spots in the area that range from shallow dives where you will see turtles and nudibranches through to deep dives where you get the chance to see white tipped reef sharks and the famous Mola Mola.

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manta point nusa penida

Nusa Penida Diving

Nusa Penida is the largest island off the coast of Bali. The island is a 45-minute boat drive to the south east of Bali. There are almost a dozen scuba diving sites along the coast of Nusa Penida. The island is most famous for Manta Point, where you are almost guaranteed to see the impressive 5 meter long Manta Rays. There’s also the chance to swim with Mola Mola and if you’re very lucky Whale Sharks.

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The Gilis of Bali

Bali is surrounded by small islands, which dot the coastline. Many of these isolated islands are surrounded by coral reefs and offer great opportunities for diving. These islands offer some of the best diving in Bali. Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and Gili Biaha are on the bucket list of most experienced divers.

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Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island, located off the North West coast of Bali. You need a minimum of two days to dive in Menjangan, but it’s a lot of fun The island is especially famous for its coral walls, which drop 70 meters vertically down to the ocean floor. This is a great choice for people who want to get away from it all.

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