Connect your Brand with a Highly Engaged Audience and Get Real Results

Hi. I’m Firsta, the founder of Discover Your Indonesia. I run one of the top Indonesian travel blogs focused on luxury travel in Indonesia. Through this website I offer a personalized way to connect your brand with a highly engaged audience. I’ve been privileged to partner with a large range of companies, organisations, the tourism board and media groups since starting this website.


Discover Your Indonesia helps more than 400,000 travellers each year (and the number is always growing) plan their holidays around Indonesia. But before you decide if you want to work together, let’s first see if we share some of the same values.

  •  I’m really passionate about preserving the environment and showcasing the beauty of Indonesia (after all eco-tourism, be it diving, trekking or boat trips, is a huge part of why so many tourists come to the country).
  • My travel business is based on community development programs. If you are running a community development initiative I’d love to hear about it and showcase it.
  • We are privileged to live in a beautiful and diverse country, I enjoy going on an adventure and learning about local cultures (and then sharing the experiences with my audience).
  • In the travel niche I work together with hotel chains and travel agencies who aim to create beautiful memories for their guests.

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5 Ways We Can Work Together

1. Book me as a Speaker

I have been speaking publicly since I started the site. I have keynoted for corporations and conferences. However, I have recently cut back on the number of invitations I accept, in order to make room for other priorities. If you have an event you would like me to consider, please email me.

2. Brand Ambassador

I work as a Brand Ambassador with companies that mirror my core values. If you want to partner with an established brand and create engaging campaigns that reach your target market get in touch.

2. Product & Hotel Reviews

I am available to write product and hotel reviews with companies and brands that I believe in or think would be a good fit and high value for my readers. All articles are compliant with Google advertising.

4. Sponsored Posts and Giveaways

I am available to write about companies and services and share giveaways with brands that I believe in or think would be a good fit and high value for my readers. All articles are compliant with Google advertising.

5. Direct Advertising

I offer a limited number of banner ads and lightbox advertising on Discover Your Indonesia. I also offer email advertising services. I only accept advertising that I think would be a good fit and high value for my readers.


My goal is to create a win-win relationship that benefits my readers and your organization. I offer cost effective advertising that is highly targeted to your needs. Get in touch to find out more ([email protected]).


Previous Awards, Campaigns & Partnerships

The Indonesian Travel Bloggers Awards 2013 – Best New Comer
1st Runner up for the Indonesia Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Award 2014
Accor Hotels Group – Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore
Speaker at #TravelNBlog workshop – June 21, 2014
Speaker at Jagongan Media Rakyat 2014 hosted by Combine Resource Institution – October 25, 2014
Guest speaker at Google HangOut – watch it here
Speaker at Traveline #2 by – November 29, 2014
Speaker at #TravelNBlog 2 workshop – December 4, 2014
Invitee of #NasibGajah media trip with WWF Indonesia – March 23-25, 2015
Speaker at #TravelNBlog 3 workshop – March 28, 2015
Invitee of #PesonaSentani media trip with Indonesian Tourism Board – June 18-22, 2015
Invitee of #HariBadak media trip with WWF Indonesia – November 9-11, 2015
Invitee of #ExploreTimor media trip with ASITA NTT – November 20-24, 2015