So you’re planning to visit Indonesia. Already got a destination in mind or are you still deciding where you want to go? Don’t worry if you are. I’ve been blogging for almost three years and I get so many questions about this, yet I still find it a difficult question to answer.

Indonesia has plenty of beautiful beaches, loads of amazing volcanoes, hundreds of snorkeling and diving spots and rich and varied cultures. When exploring Indonesia you will quickly realise that each place you visit has a unique culture and character.

To help you discover the best (well, in my opinion) parts of Indonesia I teamed up with some leading travel companies and independent tour operators to create personalised tours around the country. We are focusing on revealing the under-explored gems of Indonesia.                                                             Discover Indonesia Tours Map

The tours we create are for people who enjoy nature. It’s aimed at people like yourself who enjoy snorkelling and diving around beautiful isolated coral reefs and relaxing on sandy beaches. We are looking for travellers who want to experience the local culture and try the local food… and in some places, try local transportation too!

The tours that we are arranging are exclusive. We’re not arranging buses for 30 people, we are arranging small group tours (10 people) where we have the time to really pay attention to your interests and where you have the opportunity to meet like minded travellers. In fact, we’ve created exactly the kind of tours I like to join.

So let me tell you about the next tour that we are planning in 2016 and what you can expect.

tour travel arrangement to Riung Flores

Snorkeling in Riung is one of the best things you can do during the Flores overland trip.

Overland Flores (Overland) – 9D8N

30th April – 8th May 2016
How much: Start from Rp6,000,000 (approximately: USD 465) / person (minimum: 9 people)
Perfect place for: nature lover, culture enthusiast, love a bit of hiking/trekking, likes to interact with locals.
What are the highlights:
– Kelimutu mountain – the three colours lake
– Bena Traditional village in Bajawa
– Riung islands (snorkeling)
– Cancar / spider rice field in Ruteng
– Over night in Waerebo

mentawai tour indonesia

Mentawai beaches and culture are waiting to be explored

Mentawai – 5D4N

15th – 19th April 2016
How much: Start from Rp4,650,000 (approximately: USD 360) / person (minimum: 10 people)
Perfect place for: nature and culture lover, waves lovers (doesn’t mean you have to be a surfer!).
What are the highlights:
– Culinary experience in Padang
– Traditional village / tribe
– Mentawai Tattoo process
– Surfing or learn how to surf

travel takabonerate indonesia

Baby sharks just near the jetty. One of the highlights of your Takabonerate trip

Takabonerate – 6D5N

5th – 10th May 2016
How much: Start from Rp4,200,000 (approximately: USD 325) / person (minimum: 7 people)
Perfect place for: people seeking for a chill out moment.
What are the highlights:
– Its milky way
– Great snorkelling spots
– The private island baby! No crowd!
– Baby sharks near the cottage
– Different sunset experience everyday

tangkahan waterfall indonesia

Tangkahan and Bukit Lawang are great for nature and wildlife

Tangkahan + Bukit Lawang – 4D3N

25th – 28th February 2016
How much: Start from Rp2,850,000 (approximately: USD 220) / person (minimum: 7 people)
Perfect place for: people who love trekking, jungle and animals.
What are the highlights:
– Bathing the elephants
– The chance to meet orang utans
– Jungle trekking

tanjung puting tours meet the orang utans

Cruising down the river and enjoying the nature in Tanjung Puting

Tanjung Putting – 3D2N

25th – 27th March 2016
How much: Start from Rp3,150,000 (approximately: USD 245) / person (minimum: 6 people)
Perfect place for: Orang Utan enthusiast, Borneo jungle lover, love a bit of hiking/trekking.
What are the highlights:
– River cruising
– Check out Orang Utan, Bekantan (and maybe, crocodile) on their wildlife.
– Trekking to Orang Utan feeding ground
– Glowing mushroom

travel tour weh island indonesia

If you crazy about the ocean and beaches, a visit to Weh island won’t disappoint you

Weh Island – 4D3N

2nd – 5th April 2016
How much: Start from Rp2,850,000 (approximately: USD 220) / person (minimum: 7 people)
Perfect place for: beach and ocean lovers.
What are the highlights:
– Indonesia’s zero kilometer
– Relaxing ambiance
– natural mud spa
– underwater volcano
– Banda Aceh culinary

Besides those destinations, we can also arrange your trip to Banda Neira, Derawan, Kei islands, Komodo (Live on Board), Togean, Wakatobi, and also Sumba! Get in touch for more details!

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For me, travelling is all about the experience. It’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. I’m looking forwards to sharing some of them with you as we travel around Indonesia. For more information about booking, please email me at [email protected]

I know it’s going to be a great trip. Remember, there’s only 10 places on these tour, so if you want to join get in contact soon. I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. You know that I run a Travel Consultancy Services, right? If you won’t be joining me on the tour, but you want my help to create a personalised trip, check out my Travel Consultancy Service page. I’m happy to help you by creating an itinerary for your trip around Indonesia.

P.P.S: Promise this is the last one! If you would like to travel to any one of these places, but the schedule doesn’t fit with yours, do let me know! Yup, email me 🙂 For your information, you need to travel in a group of 4-5 people to make the costs reasonable.