If you are a fan of The Beach or Leonardo Di Caprio then Segara Anakan should be on your Indonesian bucket list. This hidden island along the coast of East Java offers everything that you want from a weekend getaway. There’s the adventure of getting to the island, the trek through thick jungle and the reward of arriving at your personal private lagoon.

In this short guide I’ll cover everything that you need to know to arrange your trip to the island. So pay attention, because you’re going to have a great adventure. Let’s get started with our guide to Segara Anakan!

How to Get to Segara Anakan

If you’re planning to visit Segara Anakan there’s a good chance that you’ll start your trip from Malang. It’s a 3-4 drive by motorbike or car to the small fishing port of Sendang Biru. If you’re planning to do a day trip you’ll want to leave early (like 6 am). Once you’re out of the city it’s a relaxing drive along twisting country roads.

From the port of Segara Biru you’ll need to arrange a boat rental and a guide to take you to Segara Anakan. You can also arrange a boat pickup for the next day (if you’re just arranging the boat rental you should get the phone number of the boat captain or arrange a time for pickup).

It’s a 15 minute journey from Segara Biru to the island of Segara Anakan. The journey to reach the lagoon is a great example of the hard work and sacrifices you need to make to find some really beauty. I remember the last time I went there it took me about 45 minutes to walk from Ant Bay, where you get dropped off, to the lagoon.

The walk from Ant Bay to the lagoon takes about 90 minutes when its dry. If it’s been raining you’ll be walking for at least 2 to 2.5 hours (the path turns to thick mud). I’d recommend bringing some good trekking shoes just in case as otherwise you’ll spend your time falling in the mud and hurting yourself.

If you don’t want to repeat my disastrous trekking experience, then I advise you go there during the dry season. Otherwise you might have to say goodbye to your sandals. If you are a fan of dancing on a muddy track then it won’t matter which season you visit.

The Lagoon: Segara Anakan

The lagoon is perfectly fenced in by coral/rock walls, that separate the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. Half way around the lagoon there is a hole in the cliff where the waves from the sea crash through into the lagoons calm waters. The hole is called Karang Bolong, which means perforated reef.

Don’t swim too close to the hole while the waves crash in from the outside. The strong current will suck you towards the sharp rocks and it’s easy to end up with cuts or worse. Apart from this the lagoon is perfectly safe and the water is very calm, making it the perfect place for a paddle.

What to Do at Segara Anakan

Even though there is no electricity or any facilities on the island, you can still definitely enjoy your time here. There are a tons of activities you can do like swimming, playing with the sand at the beach, having a picnic and climbing the black coral cliffs to see how the ocean waves crash against the coastline.

A great way to get a good view of the lagoon is to climb the cliffs. From the top you can see how the colour of the lagoon contrasts with the sea. Be really careful when you climb though because the rock is very sharp and there are big gaps between the steps.

If climbing sounds like too much hard work then you can just be lazy on the beach enjoying the sounds of nature, reminding yourself you are a world away from any machines and the hustle and bustle of the city. However, this lagoon can get quite packed during the weekends because it is a popular spot with locals (many of who like to camp by the lagoon).

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed visiting Segara Anakan, but it’s not for everyone. You’ll enjoy the island if your the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by nature and enjoys getting away from it all. If you need the creature comforts of home then I’d recommend finding looking for something else to do (don’t worry, there are plenty of great things to do in East Java like visiting Mount Bromo).

Have you ever visited Segara Anakan? What did you think of the island? Share your thoughts in the comments below.