Join an evening performance of the Ramayana Ballet set against the backdrop of Prambanan temple. Be ready to be enchanted as a troupe of over 200 performers act out the epic Hindu love story of Sita and Rama, a tale that is as old as the temple of Prambanan. In carefully choreographed scenes fire dancers and ballet performers act out the story in traditional Javanese costumes set against the ringing chimes of a live gamelan orchestra. The dance performance is one of the city’s cultural highlights and popular with tourists visiting Yogyakarta for the first time.

The pickup for the Ramayana Ballet is at 18:00 pm and you will be back at your hotel by 22:30 pm at the latest. There are four classes of Ramayana Ballet tickets available to the general public. Price for tickets and transport to and from the performance start at Rp 200,000. Review the table below for more information about the Ramayana Ballet Shared Tour before making a booking.

– Pick up from Hotel at 18:00 pm.
– Watch Ramayana Ballet.
– Hotel drop off, 22:30 pm at the latest.
Ramayana Ballet Ticket Price
Layout Ramayana Ballet Stage Open Air
– VIP Tickets Rp 375,000 (red).
– Special Tickets Rp 275,000 (green).
– Class I tickets are Rp 200,000 (blue).
– Class II tickets are Rp 125,000 (yellow).
Performance Dates
Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan 2016 schedule 

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan 2016 schedule

Tour Excludes
– Shared Transport (additional Rp 75,000).
– Food and snacks at the performance.
Prambanan and Ramayana Ballet
– Pickup from your hotel at 14:00 pm.
– Cost of transport is Rp 125,000 per person.
Ticket price for Prambanan is USD 18 for adult and USD 9 for student/ child.


  • A performance against the backdrop of Prambanan.
  • 300 dancers acting out the centuries old love story of Rama and Shinta.

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What to Expect

The Prambanan and Ramayana Ballet shared transport leaves at 18:00 pm. After being picked up from your hotel you will be taken to the outside stage where the performance is held. You pick up your Ramayana Ballet tickets, which have already been purchase for you, from the driver. The Ramayana Ballet performance starts at 7:30 pm. You will arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before the performance.alzinda-testimonial

If you join the afternoon excursion to see Pramabanan temple for sunset you will have food before you arrive. At the performance area you will have a chance to meet and take pictures with a few of the performers before the Ramayana Ballet starts. The show lasts two hours and over 300 people perform in the play.

Depending on what day you visit you will either watch an episodic performance or a shortened version of the play. Whichever performance you attend you will have an amazing evening. The Ramayana Ballet ends at 9:30. After the performance finishes you will be picked up by the shared transport. The minibus will drop you off back at your hotel in Yogyakarta by 10:30 pm at the latest.

The Ramayana Ballet is one of the cultural highlights of Yogyakarta. Performed by over 300 dancers set against the backdrop of Prambanan Temple this dance is truly unforgettable. An all inclusive Ramayana Ballet package can be arranged through Discover Your Indonesia. Fill in the form below to make a booking.

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