Jakarta! I am sure this place pretty well known with the tags ‘you-should-not-spend-too-many-days-there’ or ‘just-use-it-as-transit’. Despite the highly polluted air, Jakarta has a night life that you shouldn’t miss if you have an opportunity to spend several days in the J-town. Jakarta nightlife, from just chilling out and drinking a few beers to dancing all night long, from trashy place to classy, and far from boring and commercial parties to very unique ones, Jakarta has it all. You can choose to experience them before you head out for your next holiday in Indonesia.

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sala kitchen jakarta nightlife

If you want to experience a party, they mostly happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, but there are plenty of bars and night clubs that you can go to if you really want to dance and have fun. I will share some of the highlights that you might want to check out. You can decide by yourself which kind of Jakarta nightlife would be the most suitable or you can try them all. No harm at all.

portico senayan

1. High class and (some) overpriced: Thamrin, Senayan

Portico in Senayan City is an open aired space attached to one of the big malls in Jakarta. Recently they had an unique concept, a silent disco party. Everyone that came got headphones with three channels (blue, red and green) that they could pick during the party. If you took off your headphones it was a mixture of odd and funny, because other people were dancing, singing and just getting on with their own world. Meanwhile the bar was actually quiet. But hey! Then you can comfortably talk with your friends without the need to yell over and over again in order to beat the super loud music. Keep an ear out as they will be holding more silent parties in the near future.

Immigrant in Plaza Indonesia there are a lot of stylish teenagers mixed with executives here. The special thing about this place is it is so expensive that it has to be good.

skye bar jakarta

Skye in Menara BCA; this is one of the best places in Jakarta and has an amazing view of the Jakarta skyline at night. Don’t forget to wear fancy clothes because they have a strict dress policy.

melly's jakarta

2. Cheap and some of it trashy: Jaksa, Wahid Hasyim

Melly’s Beer Garden sells reasonably priced alcohol and has a great ambience. The decoration is just like a garden with a lot of small lights, wooden chair and plants. It is very relaxed during weekdays, but on weekends Melly’s gets too crowded.

Jalan Jaksa; there are plenty of bars selling cheap alcohol along this street, which is probably why it is so famous with backpackers. However, the image is changing and it will become more expensive once the exclusive apartment complex is finished.

nightlife jakarta

3. Creative and classy: Kemang

Sala kitchen offers the type of nightlife that made famous in cosmopolitan Australian cities like Melbourne. The building is thin and long spread out over two floors with a basement club. There are a lot of private parties held here alongside public events.

Alcoholic, Tree house and Beer garden are a few of so many cool places in kemang that you should try.

cool place in jakarta

4. Chill type: Fatmawati and more south Jakarta

Beehive, is a beach style club. From the outside there is not much to see, but once you get in, you will feel like you’ve arrived in a completely different country. There are billiard and pool tables, several bars, a dance floor with a dj playing great music and a very friendly owner. This is definitely not a commercial type of place at all.

If there are any cool places that you think I’ve missed please share them with me, I would love to know!

Note: Besides the nightlife, you should check cafes around Jakarta too. I share my favorite here.

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