The first time I went diving it was 2010. It was only a short dive, but I immediately fell in love with the underwater world. There was so much to see, the bright coral, the inquisitive fish and the small sea creatures. It was a different world and I was immediately hooked.

The Sea Once it Casts its Spell, holds One in its net of Wonder Forever.

Since that first time, whenever I have travelled to a new place in Indonesia I have tried to go diving. I want to share my top three favorite diving spots in Indonesia. I believe that every dive spot is unique for its own reasons, which is why we shouldn’t really compare them. I’ve tried to pick three very different sites that enchanted me for different reasons.

dive in indonesia

1. Komodo

I dived in Tatawa besar, around the jetty of Kanawa Island and Manta point. I spent 2 days on a live aboard boat trip around the islands of Komodo and Rinca. If you want to stay in a resort and go diving then I suggest staying on Kanawa island. There is obviously also the option of doing a live aboard diving boat trip like I did as well!

komodo dive trip

My favorite dive site was Manta point. It was quite a challenging dive though because of the strong currents. We did a 15 meter dive here and we saw a lot! The visibility was amazing and there were plenty of mantas to see. Can you imagine the feeling of being underwater with more than 25 mantas swim around you? It was really incredible.The mantas look really calm and relaxed as they swim through the water and did not seem to be disturbed by our presence. There was also lots of beautiful coral, turtles and thousands of pretty fishes to see here.

best dive spot in komodo

2. Menjangan

My clearest memory of Menjangan is from my very first night dive. It was quite scary, I admit it, but it was awesome, because apparently a lot of sea creatures prefer to come out when the sun sets. I would definitely suggest going on a night dive, because there are lots of things to see and it is a great opportunity to practice your underwater photography.

menjangan dive indonesia

The highlight of Menjangan was it’s spectacular reefs, walls and the wreck. I think Menjangan is less popular than Nusa Penida and other dive sites in Bali, because Menjangan located in the northwest of Bali. However, this means that diving costs less than at other places in Bali. Menjangan is also perfect place for beginner divers, because there is no current.

3. Bunaken

Bunaken is one of the most famous dive sites in Indonesia. It has a very pretty coral wall surrounding the island and a lot of beautiful big creatures to see. For example you can find giant Kima (Tridacna) here. There are so many dive sites around Bunaken that you can explore. The island is also an excellent for snorkeling. Diving in bunaken is really easy and there are dive sites suitable for all levels of divers. Whatever you do though be aware, since the visibility is around 20 meters you need to pay attention to your surrounding and your depth gauge.

dive trip to bunaken

While I’ve limited this post to three places, there are a half dozen other places that I could have included. For example Wakatobi and (and Raja Ampat) could have easily been on this list. Both places are considered a divers paradise.

Have you ever been diving in Indonesia? Share your favorite dive spot(s) with me in the comments below.