Is One of These Statements True for You?

You’re Building a Hotel/ Travel Website and Need a Copywriter with SEO Skills who Can Generate Leads?

Your business needs copy that ranks well on Google and persuades the reader to take action. SEO copywriting is the art of writing copy that is appealing to readers, but ranks well for specific search terms that people are looking for in search engines.

You Need a Content Writer who Can Develop an Online Marketing Strategy that Increases Organic Traffic to Your Website?

An effective content marketing strategy is the cheapest way to generate leads online. By identifying keywords that will rank easily on Google, which your potential customers are looking for, you can create evergreen content that drives targeted search engine traffic to your website.

Effective Copy & Content Writing

Hi there. Customers are fed up with faceless companies and soulless businesses with no personality. People can choose who they give their hard-earned money to. It doesn’t have to be you (or us). To convince more of your audience that they should use your service you need copy that engages people on your site and then converts them.

As a blogger who has leveraged my online credibility to develop a successful travel business I understand what works online in this industry. After three years of working online I have the expertise to help you grow your online travel business. Let me reassure you that this isn’t just empty talk.Firsta photo

I’ll let the facts talk for me:

– Implemented a content marketing strategy that drives 500,000 visitors a year to Discover Your Indonesia.
– Grew a travel business from nothing to five figures a month in revenue in 9 months.
– Designed and wrote copy for a sales page that converted at 15.6 % and generated $18,000 in revenue over a weekend.
– Grew a site from $15 to $200 in recurring affiliate income from hotel bookings in just 30 days.

A Proven Two-Step Marketing Solution

Many companies try to offer a one size fits all service, this is not me. I only work with companies in the travel and hospitality niche, because this is the industry where I have experience. I only work with a limited number of companies every month and offer a personalised content marketing and copywriting service to fit your business needs.

When we work together I will use the proven two-step marketing solution I developed for my site to grow your traffic and increase your conversion rate. Whether you are just looking for SEO optimised copy or want a complete content marketing strategy for your business, I can help generate targeted leads and traffic to your site. Fill in the form below to arrange your Skype call.

Email [email protected] to arrange your consultation.