Sleeping, reading, writing, listening to the music, looking at view outside the window, playing games, watching movies and chit chatting with your travel mate or random person who is sitting next to you. Tell me, which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other interesting things to do while you are on the plane? Guys, have you tried to start a conversation with the stewardess? Yes? As for me, sleep and looking at the view outside the window are in joint first from the plane

I love the window seat. I really enjoy the birds eye view that we get while we are on the plane. I remember thinking in 2010, when I visited Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hue and Hanoi) for the first time, I bet Vietnam has very cheap electricity rates. Ho Chi Minh was super bright! My jaw literally dropped when the plane was preparing to land, because of the number of lights. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera capable of capturing the amazing view of beautiful bright Ho Chi Minh from the sky.

best view from plane

When I traveled to Europe I was also amazed by the view of Doha from the sky. At the same time I felt so lucky to live in Indonesia. Qatar looks pretty spectaculars from 10,000 feet, but the desert stretches forever, which I don’t like. The shapes, the buildings, and everything was so very unique. It was totally different from what I am used to seeing; very little green, an awful lot of yellow and brown and plenty of ocean. It was such a contrast between the creamy brown color of the desert and the blue of the sea. I learnt that blue actually goes well with creamy brown in case you need a fashion tip!

best birds view

Recently, I flew from Yogyakarta to Bali. I was not really thinking that much about the flight, I didn’t even realize that I got a window seat. This was probably because the flight was at 6.20 am in the morning. Guess what??! An early morning flight from Yogyakarta to Bali gives you the best view-from-the-plane ever! After taking off from Yogyakarta, the plane was still not that high, so I was able to see the Central and East Java Mountains, the solid and powerful Merapi with mount Merbabu next to it. That is not to forget to mention Sundoro, Sumbing, Semeru mountains. It was a totally a wow experience!

best view from the plane ever

Along the way, I can’t forget my other favorite thing that I managed to do on the plane, which is sleep. I slept a while (probably 15-20 minutes) and woke up to the sounds of DSLR shutters. I was so sleepy, but after I looked out of the window for a moment, I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore and quickly took out my camera. The amazing landscape of Bromo and Semeru left me totally speechless. Not so long after this Bali came into view, with the lines of mountains/hills, which was also great! I have visited Bali a number of times, but this flight was special and somehow made it different to my other visits. The sun that was just rising also made the view more rewarding!

Tips: make sure that you get a window seat on the left side (if it is Air Asia, it should be A seat, not F seat).